About our company

The aim of the project is to make Georgia's rich natural and cultural resources as a world-class tourist product and to make unique impressions.

Based on an analysis of the quality of adventure tourism in Georgia, an innovative vision of tourism has been developed that will meet high standards.

The service offered by us will contribute to the introduction and development of the latest global trends in the local tourism market.

AGG will promote the acquaintance of foreign tourists with Georgia in a way that will be very different from the standard offers of existing travel companies and guides.

To achieve our goals, we offer visitors high quality, variety of services and the best impressions throughout the country.

Tourists will have the opportunity to travel to the most spectacular tourist destinations in the country, which are different from standard tours, with beautiful mountain routes, especially outside towns, where tourism development potential is the highest. The plan assumes that customers will independently manage the provided jeeps tuned for OFF-ROAD, accompanied by a technical support of a vehicle.

Even the very appearance of these cars and the opportunity to experience them in fact multiplied by the beauty and fascination of the routes will help attract potential customers.

Customers are provided with original and non-standard equipment for camping, allowing you to fully and comfortably enjoy outdoor recreation.

The car park consists of four Nissan Pathfinder, one of which is an accompanying car.

Our customers: Groups of men and women 18-50 years old who lead a healthy lifestyle. Potential customers - tourists from Europe, America and Asia.

The team, which decided to start a business, is comprised of competent and experienced people: professional staff in tourism, PR marketing, extreme sports, technical support and management.

The company has an ambition to create a world-class tourist product that will establish a worthy place in the Georgian market.