About our company

Tourist Company “Adventure Green Georgia” was founded in 2019.

Our task is turning rich natural and cultural resources of Georgia into the world-level tourist product and opportunity of getting unique impressions.

With consideration of identification of main challenges of the world tourism development, processing of innovative ideas, modern standards of service in the world and, at the same time, tourist potential of Georgia, we have developed a tourist product conception and defined the ways of offering service.

On the basis of the analysis of the state existing in Georgia in the sector of tourism, concretely research of the quality of rendering adventure tourism services, was developed an innovative vision that will make tourist activities corresponding to high standards.

Service offered by us will assist the adoption of the world’s newest tendencies and development on the local tourist market.

Description of the activity

We shall assist the foreign tourists to get to know Georgia in a way that will be evidently different from standard offers of tourist companies and guides. For achievement of the set objectives we offer the visitors high-quality diverse service and the best impressions on a country’s scale. The tourist will be given opportunity to travel by the most beautiful mountain routes, different from standard tours, leading to the most impressive tourist places of the country.

It is stipulated to transfer off-road cars to them to drive on their own, accompanied by technical support car.

Car park comprises of four Nissan Pathfinder, whereof one is the accompanying car.

We offer the customers camping equipment by means of which it is possible to enjoy rest in nature.


Team which decided initiation of the business is staffed with competent and experienced persons.

Company has the ambition to create a world level tourist product that will consolidate a worthy place on the Georgian market.