Four winter resorts in Georgia that you should definitely visit

by Nancy Kikvadze

Georgia is among the best winter resorts in the Caucasus. Most importantly, its potential is growing every year in this regard.

We have new resorts, new ropes, highways and so on. All this gives the small country a chance to attract more winter lover tourist, which is of course directly linked to the growth of the country's economy.

By 2018 Georgia has 4 winter ski resorts: Gudauri, Mestia, Bakuriani, Goderdzi. There are numerous tours to all resorts.

How to get to Bakuriani?

Getting to Bakurin is about 2 hours from Tbilisi. Travelers take their own car or mini-bus to the resort. Micro buses run from Didube and Station Square. Before you arrive in Bakuriani, the road to Borjomi is always cleared of snow. The Bakuriani road is sometimes covered with snow or ice, so winter tires are essential when traveling by car. It is also possible to take a mini bus or train from the station square to Borjomi, and then split the Borjomi-Bakuriani "Kukushka". "Kukushka" is a small train that runs along the beautiful route to Bakuriani.

From 2018 it is envisaged to adhere to the European standards of Goderdzi and make the Alpine Botanical Garden there, as well as Adjara plans to add ski roads to the resort Gomardula.

Gudauri Resort is a 2 hour drive from Tbilisi. You can reach Gudauri by car or by micro bus. Micro buses depart from Didube bus station. The road to Gudauri is always cleared of snow and is easy to reach by any car. However, during heavy snowfalls the road is restricted and only anti-skid chains are permitted.

There is already a new track in Gudauri, which connects Kokhta hill with "Mitarbi", and a new cableway has been constructed in Mestia, so you will reach directly from the middle Mestia to Hatsvali.

Bakuriani is one of the most beautiful resorts in Georgia and in the world. It is located 1700 meters above sea level in Borjomi Gorge.

You don't really have to worry about vacationing here any time of the year, though of course it is distinguished as a mountain-ski resort.

Bakuriani has two sides for skiing, "Kokhtagora", which consists of two parts, is the highest point of skiing 2269 meters nd the highest point is 2702 meters.

Gudauri is the first resort in Georgia and the most advanced in the Caucasus in the direction of skiing. It is located on the slope of the Great Caucasus near the military road. In Gudauri it is possible to satisfy all kinds of customers, both for skiers on the paved roads as well as for freestyle skiers.

The tracks are also designed for both amateur and medium and professional athletes. Gudauri is the first in terms of height of access and number of tracks.

By 2019, construction of the first five-star hotel will be completed, before it will be a small town-type hotel.

The total length of the Gudauri highways is approximately 33 kilometers, the highest point being 3276 meters, and the access point 1283 meters.

Svaneti, in particular Mestia Resort, is truly a beautiful place at any time of the year. Around it are the largest peaks of the Caucasus, exactly

That is why Mestia is considered one of the most beautiful resorts in the world. The winter season does not have many visitors, but nonetheless the mountain - skiing,

Here you have the opportunity to go from the city center to the Hatsvali Mountain by ski lift. Mestia is represented by two mountains, Hatsvali and Tetnuldi.

The highest point of Tetnuldi is 3165 meters, the height of access is 895 meters, the total length of the tracks is 13, 4 kilometers.

The highest point of the track is 2348 meters, the height of access is 480 meters, the total length of the tracks is 5, 6 kilometers.

Mestia is a municipality located in western Georgia. It, like Svaneti as a whole, has an ancient history. Mestia is distinguished by its amazing, beautiful nature and abundance of cultural monuments. An unforgettable and unforgettable peak of Ushba, the beauty of Svaneti. Georgia's highest peak, snow-capped waterfalls and blue alpine lakes. Perhaps it was precisely these cascading glaciers and rocks that we should have called Mikhail Khergiani and other glorious Swan climbers called the "Rock Tiger". Svan towers, unique temples, and various household and religious artifacts are a very interesting, individual and of great historical and cultural value as part of a rich and diverse Georgian culture. It is noteworthy that Svan Towers used the famous Japanese animator Hayao Miyadaki in one of his famous animated films - "Laputa: Palace in the Sky". Mestia is a great place for mountain lovers both in summer and winter. There are mountain resorts in Hatsvali and Tetnuldi.

Mountainous Adjara and Goderdzi Pass is the youngest in this direction, as a mountain, It has been established as a ski resort since 2015.

The Goderdzi ski resort is located in the southwestern part of Georgia, at 2027 meters above sea level. It is 252 km from Tbilisi to Goderdzi and 109 km from Batumi. Due to its proximity to the Black Sea, this place is characterized by abundant rainfall, which makes the resort very attractive. Goderdzi Resort boasts impressive nature, breathtaking views, fresh air and diverse landscapes. One of the best for those who love snowboarding. Skating is possible in the alpine zone, often in coniferous forests and even in villages.

The ski resort of Goderdzi can be reached by car or taxi. Off-road vehicles are required in winter. The shortest road to Goderdzi will pass through Akhaltsikhe, though the Zarzma-Goderdzi section is closed in winter due to heavy snow and snow. It takes about 3 hours from Batumi to Goderdzi. Getting to Resort Goderdzi via Batumi will take about 10 hours, as the last section of the road from Batumi to Goderdzi is in poor condition.

Like all other resorts, Goderdzi is beautiful at any time of year. Hiking and cycling are possible in summer, as well as hiking in the alpine mountains and forests.

You can also visit the beautiful "Green Lake" nearby.

As for the winter season, the number of visitors to the resort increases every year, with the addition of ropes and tracks. Definitely take the time to visit this mountainous part of Adjara.

The highest point of Goderdzi is 2364 meters, the height of access is 664 meters, the total length of the tracks is 7, 3 kilometers.

Author: David Chubinidze


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