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Dzama Gorge and Bateti Lake

Duration of the tour: 1 Day

Route: Tbilisi, Kareli, Dzama Gorge, Bateti Lake, Tbilisi

Transportation: Nissan Pathfinder (4WD)

Distance: 350 km

Sights: Ortubani, Zovreti Monastery, Sarkineti Monastery, Bateti Lake

Short description:

Dzama gorge, hidden between valleys of Kartli and Borjomi forests, which is a home to around 50 new and old monasteries, represents a sacred place for Georgians. It is also favorite destination for Jeep Tours as well as for Georgian hikers due to proximity from the capital (120-140km from Tbilisi) and Bateti lake – small lake on the mountain plateau surrounded by mixed forests and beautiful swamp on the southern shore. It’s great destination to feel all colors of the seasons: spring, fall and winter and spring again – tranquility, isolation from outside world, purification of your spirit, lake and monasteries, autumn leaves, snowed and frozen lake, fresh colors of spring, like a life cycle…

Dzama gorge can be accessed from small town of Kareli by our cars. You can just see the gorge by following the main road till Kozipa Monastery which consists of 5 churches. On the road you will see the signs for monasteries and kilometrages. Some of the interesting Monasteries include: Mukhileti, Mzovreti, Karmeli, Abukhalo and Sarkineti but you may find some even more exotic one where they will meet you with warmth and hospitality. One of the first monasteries which you can see on the way back from the Dzama gorge is Kintsvisi which is more often visited by tourists has beautiful surroundings during times of golden autumn and frescoes of famous Kintvisi angel and Queen Tamar.

Bateti Lake is located near village Kodmani 1 hour muddy ascent from the road (turn left at the sign – Tbeti Monastery) It is of landslide origin with 0,02km surface. The best time to visit is during fall colors of October month, It can be frozen but also very beautiful after fresh snow. It is also possible to camp in summer. The lake is surrounded by a thick forest. The reflection of colorful trees creates amazing scenery. The views are simply breathtaking and the best place for photography. You take unbelievably beautiful photos here. Dzama Gorge is just perfect place for barbeque, so we make the barbeque in the forest, share our Georgian traditions and songs with you.

Dzama Gorge with its Bateti lake is great destination to feel all colors of the seasons and having picnic in beautiful nature. We spend so joyful and pleasant time, it will be memorable day for you in Georgia. In the evening, we take you to Tbilisi and drop you in the hotel.

Tour includes:

You will be given off-road 4WD Nissan Pathfinder for driving

Driver service if needed (for service, please email: sales@agg.travel)

Ensuring with fuel during the tour

English and Russian speaking tour instructor with one car



Tour does not include:

Flight booking and tickets

Hotel in Tbilisi

Travel insurance

Services not described in the tour

Additional information:

4x4 car is required

Wear clothing meant for the outdoors, e.g. durable pants, boots, etc.

Not recommended for pregnant women

One car can seat 5 persons at most, including the driver for your comfortable movement

Not recommended for those who have serious health problems

Not recommended for children aged 2 and younger

Instructor will drive his own car

Necessary requirement:

Please have an identity card (passport) with you

Active B category driving license

Driver’s age is defined above 21 in accordance with the insurance

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