Vashlovani Protected Areas

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Vashlovani Protected Areas

Duration of the tour: 1 Day

Route: Tbilisi, Dedoplistskaro, Vashlovani Protected Areas, Tbilisi

Transportation: Nissan Pathfinder (4WD)

Distance: 450 km


Pantishara- Bear Canyon: The swallows Town, Alesilebi, Petrified Flora and Fauna.

Short description:

Vashlovani Protected Areas is located in the extreme eastern part of the Dedoflistskaro district. It includes Vashlovani Nature Reserve, National Park and 3 Natural Monuments – Eagle Gorge, Takhti-Tepa Mud Volcanoes and Kakliskure Alazani floodplain forest. Its area includes Pantishara-Vashlovani massive, whose height is up to 300-600 meters above sea level. The name Vashlovani is derived from the natural similarity and disposition of pistachio and apple trees that leaves the association of the fruit garden. It total area amounts to 35053,7 ha.

Tour description:

Distance from Tbilisi To Dedoplistskaro is 130 km (approximately 2 hours by car). Administrative and visitors center of the national park is located in Dedoplistskaro. Exhibition and presentation hall is designed in administrative building, where visitors have the opportunity to become familiar with the specifics of protected areas, and safety rules. The Route begins from Dedoplistskaro. The modern image of the preserved territories of Vashlovani dry gorges were developed in quaternary, 1-2 million years ago in the Neozoic era. The analysis of geological strata showed that in different periods Vashlovani had been a sea botton. It is confirmed by the sea fauna discovered in rock lines. Furthermore the relief forms built of marine sediments sharply differ from the forms built of continental sediments.The relief developed on the continental sediments represented by smothered hillrocks and plain surfaces. On the marine sediments, that are less resistant to eroision, is developed the ’’badland’’ relief –the world of naturallabyrinths. Here are reliefs such as ”pseudokarst’’ in friable rocks at the bottom of the ridges (negative underground forms - funnels, wells, hollows) columnar and fortress like forms on the abrupt vertical southern slopes af the ridges without vegetation and built of easily decomposable clay and sandstones, erosive residues. One ofthe wonders of Pantishari Canyon ia a “town” of swallows (Delichon urbica), built on a negastive wall of the rock in the middle of Pantishari Canyon. It includes several thousands of nests. This so-called town was built by the swallows and it shows the manner of their colonian life. In early spring this town is occupied by spallows. Later, the swallows, returning from warm countries, are furiously fighting to get back their town. As a rule, the fight is ended with driving the spallows out . The swallows are building their nests with a mixture of grass, mud and their own saliva, that hardens after drying out and sometimes maintains its strength even for several years. Such colonies of swallows are not observed in any other corner of Georgia.

The route runs through the Pantishara Valley. After seeing the beautiful landscapes and rock massifs – the so called “Alesilebi” or sharp walls, visitors can view a completely different ecosystem and its inhabitants.

Vashlovani Protected Areas tourist trail network gives the possibility of hiking for one or several days. Paths are marked and well-arranged. Bungalows and camping sites are arranged along the routes. Sites for setting up a fire are also allocated.

After all, we shall return to Tbilisi.

Tour includes:

You will be given off-road 4WD Nissan Pathfinder for driving

Driver service if needed (for service, please email:

Ensuring with fuel during the tour

Entrance fee

Local guide

English and Russian speaking tour instructor with one car



Tour does not include:

Flight booking and tickets

Hotel in Tbilisi

Travel insurance

Services not described in the tour

Additional information:

4x4 car is required

Wear clothing meant for the outdoors, e.g. durable pants, boots, etc.

Not recommended for pregnant women

One car can seat 5 persons at most, including the driver for your comfortable movement

Not recommended for those who have serious health problems

Not recommended for children aged 2 and younger

Have a warm jacket with you

Instructor will drive his own car

Necessary requirement:

Please have an identity card (passport) with you

Active B category driving license

Driver’s age is defined above 21 in accordance with the insurance

Visitors are not allowed:

To carry guns

Take domestic animals with you

To touch plants, rocks or fossils

To catch, chase, or injure fauna species


Cause any damage to historical monuments, collect remnants, undertake excavation without special permit

To make hasty movements in low visibility conditions (fog, bushes, high grass), to shout and/or make loud noise

To build fires (except for the designates camp fire areas)

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